AyMINE® – Technical documentation

Technical documentation for AyMINE Framework and related modules.

Documentation scope and intention

AyMINE Framework

AyMINE framework is provided as a tool available for development teams. Regardless of the framework cost or using the community free-of-charge edition, AyMINE Framework is provided under the commercial licence.

Documentation is provided as a support for developers using the framework and is not intended for general audience. It relates only to the AyMINE framework and its modules. It cannot be understood as a general documentation and recommendation to any other purpose than working with the AyMINE framework.

AyMINE framework – community edition consists of:

  • frm – Server part in PHP
  • frm – Application part


Some of the modules are commercial modules and are not provided free-of-charge. Published documentation does not create any right of their using without valid commercial licence and contract agreement with the module supplier. AyMINE Framework – business edition consists of:

  • frm – NMP-Server part in npm serer
  • sys – system module for client and user management

All other modules are commercial module with their own licence.


All pages are owned by the AyMINE Framework authors or by owners of the modules. It cannot be copied without written permission from owners. Permission is granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this documentation, to use it without restriction for education and as a reference material for AyMINE Framework and related modules development. Documentation is provided ‘as-is’, without any warranty and responsibility of authors for any intentional or unintentional direct or indirect results of its usage.


AyMINE® is the registered trademark owned by the PDQM, Ltd. It can be used only with information about the owner and refrence link to the AyMINE information at AyMINE pages.