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AyMINE Business – Price calculation

Overview of the system prices

AyMINE Business price models

AyMINE Business has three price schemes:

  • Free for personal use
  • Premium for personal use – for 3 lunches per year
  • Commercial for business / team use

Non-commercial organisation

Non-commercial charitable organisations can use commercial services free of charge for up to 50 users. Larger organisation gets non-commercial financial model calculated to cover the cost of the basic service (gross server cost)

Personal accounts

Personal accounts are used for personal as well as commercial usage. They do not support sharing and collaboration. However, they support private messaging between users with personal or commercial accounts.

Personal account cannot be switched to the team account.

FunctionalityFree accountPremium account
Calendar synchronisation with mobile device
Android application
Encrypted wallet
Number of stored files25no limit
Disk space200 GB50 MB

Commercial account

AyMINE Business price is calculated per user monthly. Price list is simple and monthly cost is as low as the McDonald’s menu. Using AyMINE is far more easy and cheaper – you can pay only a single menu for a whole month.

Big Mac index – Cost guarantee

AyMINE gives guarantee that price won't grow beyond the single-lunch limit. That cost is derived from the McDonald’s menu and for simplicity it is linked to the Big Mac index (with price rounded):

  • The basic functionality cost single Big Mac per month
  • Additional functionalities cost half of the Big Mac price
  • You pay no more than 4 lunches per month

The price rules also give guarantee about future prices because we will always limit price in the same way.
Big Mac index differentiates prices geographically. However, price for services corresponds with the Big Mac index of the country where the client organisation has the headquarter.

Single menu per month

Compare typical AyMINE month price with single fast-food lunch:

WhatMonthly costMcDonaldPrice per single lunch
Basic5€Big Mac4.6 €
Task Management2.5€Coca-Cola3 €
File storage2.5€Fries medium3 €
Methodology support2.5€Garden salad2.5 €
Total Menu12.5 €13,1 €

How big is your table

When you come to the restaurant, you pay for you or your friends. Never more. The same is with us.
Our smallest table and the bill is for 5 persons. Each month you pay a single lunch for your team. Nothing more.

You have 7 people in team and 3 externals who cooperates? You pay lunch for 10 persons. Have you only internal people next month and cancel two account. Table is smaller as well as the bill.

Is that so easy?

Almost. There are few thinks to mention:


You might prefer not to pay every month but less often. We appreciate it. When you pay 6 months in advance, you'll get discount 5% for each account. And you'll get another 5%, if you pay a complete year in advance. Discount 10% is good, isn't it?

You might combine advance payment with flexible team. You can pay for some accounts discounted price for a year and still use flexible accounts. They will be charged for regular price at the end of the period together with the payment for next period. You can even get them discounted when you pay them until the prepaid period.

Let’s just mention that the prepaid account cannot be cancelled.

Pay only if you are satisfied

The first payment is after three month of usage. Is you stop using the system during the first three months, you don’t pay nothing. We do not offer the money-back guarantee, however you have 3 months to get practice and make a decision if the service is worth for money it costs.

Something else in the menu?

We have several sides you can add to your menu. As well as the main menu, their price is linked with The world-wide menu list with the most-common garnish – World Famous Fries. Just look to your shop for cost of medium-size pack.

What sides we currently have:

  • Connector with Enterprise Architect (from Sparx Systems)
  • Support for encrypted notes, requirement and discussion
  • Calculation the of the project cost generation of the work sheets
  • Human-resource / personal agenda
  • Multilingual support that allows using several languages at once including automatic translations (only some languages).

Bottomless cup and plate

Are you worry that full plate would be too expensive? Don’t worry.

AyMINE has upper limit for service price. You'll never pay more than cost of 4 lunches per month per person. If cost of the menu exceeds cost of the 4 Big Macs, the price don’t grow over the limit.

Calculation: If Big Mac cost is 5€, your team never pay more the 20€ (excluding VAT) per person per month.

Private functionality

Do you need something else? Our kitchen is open and we have skilled cooks that can prepare whatever you want. You might request individual services.


We are a European company located in EU and all our services are charged according the EU tax law including VAT, that is charged according to the actual tax law. VAT is added to the price (not included in the price list above).

What's the available disc space?

Calculated cost includes 200 GB of the disc space per user for stored files. That’s more than enough for regular system usage. AyMINE is not intended to be a storage for data archives or large video files. However, if you decide to use it for large amount of data, an additional disk storage is available but charged appropriately (30 € per month for 1TB – price for year 2023.)
The price for disk space covers complete care about data – redundant storage with backup.

Private AyMINE installation

You might also use AyMINE in your own local copy. For cost of the private installation look here

Custom-based requirements

Even the shared environment supports the user-defined requirements and functionality. If you need a special behaviour or customisation our developers are prepared to make development according to your needs.


We use trademarks of McDonald and Coca-Cola. They are not joined with AyMINE and has no responsibility for this page. AyMINE has nothing common with them except that use the McDonald’s price as a long-time price anchor.