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AyMINE On-premise

AyMINE is also available in on-premise licence model

You can manage your own AyMINE Business in your own environment. It gives you opportunity to manage the company data itself and integrate AyMINE to your IT environment more easily.


You probably know why you consider the private installation but let’s look on the reasons for that:

  • You can easily integrate AyMINE with our own environment like LDAP servers, internal cloud, internal Enterprise Architect repository etc.
  • You can integrate user’s rights management
  • It is much simpler to change default counters according to your needs
  • You might read data from the system database to the MIS, ERP or other tools that you like to use
  • You simply have everything at home.
  • Access to the system might be faster or more secure

What to consider

However, there are several disadvantages that we recommend to consider:

  • You shall have your own IT specialists that will manage the server
  • Your own IT specialists are much more likely interesting to break into the company data. Overall safety is not better than in large environment
  • Your hardware cost is not significantly cheaper
  • Your IT specialist might make an audit of our care about your data and request special steps to make additional protection
  • You shall invest to the installation and maintenance
  • AyMINE application for mobile phone will not work with your installation (However, we can build up your private copy of the application)
  • The updates and potential bug repairs are not as fast and frequent as is in the shared environment with everyday management. It might remain months before new features come to your environment.

What’s the price for your own copy

Private installation is available for 100 users up and. If lifetime licence without user-based cost is required, the complete solutions of for 45 000€ + VAT for unlimited number of users. The installation is not allowed for commercial resale but can be used by all companies in a single trust or similar business unit. In a nutshell you are not allowed to resell the implementation or create a public-available services without special permission.

The maintenance and support cost is 2 500 € per year for each 100 users and is charged annually at the beginning of the period. Maintenance cost is optional for lifetime licence installation.

Requirements for on premise installation

AyMINE requires: * Decent linux-based or Windows-based server * SQL database. Natively it uses the MariaDB but MS SQL, Oracle or other SQL database is possible * Web server NGINX/Apache/IIS *PHP ad Node at the server for application server

On-premise solution maintenance

We can take care about our own installation in the same way as we manage the multi-client shared solution. The care is provided in case that: * You have valid contract for service * The code is under our care – however it is open for modules and functionality developed by your own or external developer if they obey the AyMINE architecture and code rules * We have direct access for remote control (SSH connection with appropriate protection).

Custom-based requirements

AyMINE has every month new functionality but you can always request changes according to your needs. Our developer develops anything you need.

Prices for development are always estimated according to your requirements.

Buy a code for own development

You can also buy an AyMINE Business source code and use it for development of your own business solution. Contact us for further details.