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AyMINE Framework Server

The published documentation relates to the AyMINE Framework Community Edition – server part (PHP server); frm-server module.

The AyMINE Architecture

AyMINE Business edition uses server part from the AyMINE community edition so that this documentation is relevant for both editions.

Technical Architecture and principles

Link: The single object definition for all system areas is described here.

About the framework

Framework provides functionality developers to build up application fast and without bothering about the technical details.

Server part provides functionality both for back-end pages’ generation (like this page) and application back-end data management.

AyMINE framework is joined from two parts – server and client. Both are written to be used with the second part. Server part has no real sense without the application and framework is not interesting for anyone who is not expecting to use the AyMINE Application.

Server architecture

Server is 100% object-based application with ultimate separation of the business logic from the data presentation.

Business logic can be written in any programming language. Framework provides additional support for business logic written in the object PHP (PHP 8.2+ is required and server is maintained to be not only compatible but also use the newest PHP functionality.)

Data are presented in two separated forms:

  • Data provided for AyMINE Application
  • Back-end generated pages
    Both outputs are separated each other and they are both separated from the business logic.

AyMINE server functional areas:

  • Methodology for writing maintainable code supported by libraries and objects that force developers to keep the object-bases structure with clearly defined business functions
  • Communication with the client application independent on the module code. Module developers never manages the communication
  • Object-based background for persistent business-object separated from the communication with client application or from back-and pages generation
  • Database connection and management of independent databases for modules
  • Operation logging and runtime debug monitoring
  • Web access monitoring and filtering
  • Web attack protection
  • Orchestration between server and client application
  • Module management – loading modules and assign modules to the clients
  • AyMINE Application upgrade management
  • Logging of both errors and operations
  • Right-control based on the user’s statically-assigned and dynamically calculated rights
  • Data caching for speed improvement
  • Report generation
  • Event messaging and active server behaviour management
  • Documentation generation

AyMINE web access and attack protection

AyMINE Framework evaluates each access and request to the server. It manages database of allowed and blocked IP address and regions and stop access from the blocked IP address, regions or countries. The protection is independent on firewalls and router protection that is running in front of the server.
Each system client can have set protection that users might access the application only from company network and further secure its data (However, VPN would be needed for users working out of office!)

Web access analysis

AyMINE does not use cookies or any other tool for personal identification and tracking. However, it provides access monitoring analysis what public pages and information are accessed, what is monitored by search engines and what is the personal access. Web pages based on the AyMINE Framework have independent access analysis that do not send any data outside (e.g. to the Google web tracking engines or similar engines from other companies). Pages based on the AyMINE Framework don’t have to ask for cookie acceptation.
The access monitoring does not track users with accounts. It cannot be used for users spying.

Server administration

The FAQ for system administration are here