Routine and project management

Everyday tasks and responsibilities require attention. Whether your tasks are just your own or you're collaborating and need to know how your colleagues and your entire team are doing, you need visibility.

The boss appreciates not having to ask questions and seeing how the work is doing.

That's where shared task management comes in handy.

Tasks are not enough

But overview over tasks is not enough. Effective work requires much more. Agreements, information and documents. And when it comes down to it, decisions that everyone needs to be familiar with. All of this is on your desk at AyMINE as you need it.

Everyone has their own desk with their own issues, yet you can keep an eye on how others you work with are doing. And you can have a home office or a fellow nomad and still know exactly where the information is, what's done and what's pending.

Projects & Contracts

Like daily tasks, projects need visibility into everything that's going on. Not only deadlines, risks and problems can be solved together.

You can manage contracts handled with standard workflows or projects with special assignments and customized solutions efficiently and quickly. It doesn't matter whether you need to insulate a building, replace a production line or prepare a Christmas party: you can always benefit from efficient planning and management.

You don't have to sit in the office

All the information and tasks are clearly in your pocket – on your mobile phone or tablet. You don't need to install anything, just connect. The screen space gives you more clarity, of course, but you'll still have everything at your fingertips on every device.

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