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Thank you, that you want use AyMINE. Before you submit the request, we shall remind a few things:

Account Types

Details about account types and prices are here , but let’s not the most important.

Personal Account

You can have personal free account free of charge forever, or later upgrade to the premium account. Personal account cannot be switched to the team/business acount.

Team / Business Account

Team account is free of charge for up to 5 members and for 3 months. The group can grow up and many services are available only with team account. Especially services linked with collaboration, task and project management can never be available with personal account.

With the team account you manager your team, create new accounts and invite your colleagues.

Remember: You shall invite new users of your team. Without the invitation they can never create an account to your team.

Personal data and GDPR

AyMINE is used to manage team and personal data. We apply strong protection of all data and have strong privacy conditions. In a nutshell your data are never used for anything except providing services that you want to use. More about personal data protection.

System have some rules what you can and cannot do and what we can and what are our guarantees. Everything is described here in the Contract conditions.

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