Develop and deliver information system quickly

Are you facing the challenge of developing a new information system for a customer or your own company? Don't start from scratch, but build it on AyMINE's robust foundation.

Let’s develop a web-based information system that is fast, robust, extensible and easy to maintain. You want to be sure that in a few years you won't have to deal with the fact that the framework you've decided to use has been put out of support by the creator, and you're at a dead end? Or, conversely, you want to develop an application but don't want to deal with the issues around its operation. An AyMINE application can run in our cloud or a cloud environment under our management.

AyMINE allows you to quickly develop robust applications for your own business, but also for cloud environments running for many customers. In addition, AyMINE mobile apps is also available, so your system will have everything what a modern system should have.

Have a full control over your system

You can use AyMINE to develop an application that will run on your servers. You are not bound by the vendor's cloud, you are not bound by other modules and packages. Of course, AyMINE builds on many libraries for the back-end and front-end, but they are all open licensed (MIT).

Flexible development and business model

With AyMINE, you have a wide range of options for how much you want to take over your own management. You have the ability to quickly develop applications for a client, or a cloud solution where you sell licenses to many clients. Or develop a complex system. Just give us a call to discuss your goals.

You can get AyMINE for development not only with full code, but also with a guarantee of long-term management and development. We guarantee that the system you develop today will be easy to maintain ten or more years later. Even today we provide support for a system delivered in 2001 (that's not a typo – it's over 20 years old) and your system can have the same support.

Focus on the business, not the technology

AyMINE offers you a robust system for both the back-end (PHP, TypeScript / Node server) and front-end (TypeScript). We always manage updates to the latest versions and keep all dependencies actual.

The front-end is a full-fledged application that communicates via a web-service with the back-end. The back-end provides services and implements business logic and the client’s application runs autonomously including its own system data storage. This makes it efficient with minimal load for server.

With AyMINE, you can focus on the business services you want to deliver. You don't need to create a system environment, communication, account or client management with enterprise-ready access and rights management. In addition, you can build on robust modules:

In total, AyMINE will offer you over 100 developed objects that will significantly speed up your project.

Very fast application development

AyMINE has been developed with intention to support super-fast development. The unique object and interface declaration system uses inheritance, so you can derive another object from one. Complex functionality is thus easily shared, which speeds up development even more.

For ever modern application

AyMINE has internally module structure and strictly distinguish implementation of several framework layers from the business logic. It make it easy to change what becomes obsolete. Event the visual interface or the entire client side could be replaced without lost of any line of your code. System fully separates not only the business logic from the UI, but also the UI declaration from its implementation. Therefore, it is not a problem to update any part of the UI for another.

Have and idea about new software. With AyMINE framework you could have functional application – not a prototype in a week. Just gives us note a we can support you to bring your ideas in reality.

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