Business system

From request through offer to order

Automatic process

Support for the entire business: From price list to business offer to delivery invoicing

Going further: Connection to warehouses and production is a matter of course

Depending on your needs

Don't worry, you're not alone, we'll help you with everything

We have an open solution for you that is easy to customize. And also advice, experience and help. We enjoy figuring out how to make your business the best it can be

When you need a custom solution

We have a ready-made solution, but also the ability to customize, set up and manage anything to suit your needs

We'll build a system to suit you and make sure it serves you well 20 years from now

Assistance with processing

Create tasks, notes, write messages

Schedule an appointment to resolve any uncertainties

Work as a team

Work in the office, on business trips and in the warehouse

Work online in a web browser

Mobile and tablet apps

Artificial intelligence creates the offer

Do you have an enquiry? Let AI make you an offer

AI generates the offer and you just need to send it – email and PDF in a minute

Queries from the web go directly into the system. They won't get lost in emails

Work with the  offer

Edit the offer, add additional services – design, manufacturing, assembly, shipping. Anything

Have the quote checked – forward internally for review and protect pricing in the process. Only those who are allowed to see the prices

Price lists

Generate price lists with one click from purchase prices

Set different margins by client group. Recalculate the price list instantly

Adjust prices according to the volume of goods you receive. Offers are calculated according to price bands

Automatic pricing

Price the offer from the price lists automatically. Price lists are assigned according to client type and the rest is done automatically

Give people options based on experience – determine who can give a discount and who can adjust the price list

Adjust price lists according to the exchange rate

Don't get caught out by a change in exchange rate. Recalculate price lists according to the current CNB exchange rate

Update price lists to reflect exchange rate changes with one click. For any market

Keep price lists for different markets in different currencies

More companies? More brands? No problem

Do you price for multiple companies or different sites from one place? Create quotes in different currencies and under different suppliers or brands in one system

Always send quotes under the brand name the customer is used to

Order processing

Quickly create orders

Tracking and status changes of issued orders

Generate invoices and send them electronically to the customer

Overviews and reports

Summary and detailed information about customers and their groups

Overviews of products ordered

Business communication history

Connection to your accounting system

We connect AyMINE to your accounting system

User documentation

The module includes complete support for product sales

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