DMS – Electronic Information and Document Management

AyMINE provides comprehensive information management. It does not set the document apart from the other components of the work, but documents are a natural part of the information with which it freely complements. Documents can be part of all types of records – from tasks, to project data, to an employee's personnel file.

But AyMINE also helps you to have fewer documents than you were previously used to. It automates documenting and filing, so you can do without many previously necessary documents altogether with AyMINE, giving you a reliable, document-free electronic record


The system includes document registration for all objects that need documentation. Each document has tags and a history.

Document protection

Each document and information is protected within the project or area to which it belongs. Protection may also result from their inclusion in a folder that prohibits changes or access to the information.

File service and archiving not only for documents

The information and document management system allows for lifecycle management, protection from deletion, folder creation and archiving

Electronic bulletin board

AyMINE allows you to create electronic bulletin boards and publish information in different languages. Thus, information from the system can be published in different bulletin board formats.

Managing the bulletin board allows you to define the rights of who can publish on the bulletin board, as well as requiring approval by the bulletin board administrator before publishing.

Document integration

A major advantage of AyMINE is the integration of document management into other activities – project office management, quality system management, documentation of controlled procedures (e.g. testing) and HR. The DMS – document management function is thus not a stand-alone system, but a natural part of the work.

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