AyMINE modules and their main services

AyMINE® is a modular, extensible system that allows you to use standard modules, build on top of them, or create your own modules. We list the standard modules that are available for commercial and non-commercial use on the AyMINE portal.

More detailed information on each module is available by clicking on the link. More details can also be found in the user documentation.

TSK – Task Management Module

The module manages together not only the tasks, but also all the information that is needed for the job. It supports individual and group tasks, breaking down activities into areas or projects.

The module provides tools that are needed for day-to-day management of the corporate agenda and process management.

DMS – Document and Information Management

AyMINE treats documents and information with the same care and supports not only their registration but also their protection in accordance with the rules of the file service and configuration management.

The system also supports the publication of information on an electronic (internet) bulletin board.

QMS – Quality Management and Methodology Management Module

The Quality Management System is a modern dynamic support fully integrated into all activities. It does not stand alone but is part of every task and project. The basis for this is the dynamic definition of responsibilities, but also the documentation of everything that quality systems require
Within the QMS, support for ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 270000, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, Formel Q, VDA 6.5, CMMI standards is elaborated, the open system can be used to check the obligations of all standards. It also supports DPO (GDPR), Cyber Security Manager and other standards and obligations.

PM – Project Management

Project management not only supports task management but places equal emphasis on process quality of all important processes – managing and controlling requirements, plans, risks and issues.
Project management is compliant with the PMBOK standard as well as all standards supported within the QMS module.

AM – Asset and Service Management

Asset Management allows categorization of assets into groups, tracking all internal assets and their value. It records asset responsibility, location and condition, and supports purchasing processes.
Records and management is ready not only for physical assets, but also for service management including full ISO 20000 support.

CRM – Contact Management

This module is used to record contacts for internal, project and business purposes. The module is designed to be fully GDPR compliant.
Contact management supports synchronization of contacts to mobile phone, MS Outlook, Thunderbird email client or other applications.

Human Resource Management

Manage employee personnel files, process timesheets, internal circulation of required forms (e.g. leave).

The module is an extension over the already completed modules that provide a lot of basic functionality, including timesheets, competency records, job role and organizational model records.

Product Analysis and Design

AyMINE provides comprehensive support for product design and development. The module includes the ability to collect requirements across the organization and process them. It is ready to fully support both the development of enterprise information systems for your own company, within a project for a customer, as well as the development of technical products according to ISO26262, ASPICE and other standards.

Modules in preparation

The following modules are under development and will be available soon.

KPI – Evaluating trends and targets

A module that allows you to define individual and business goals and build reports to track their achievement. At the individual level, from projects and the current agenda, it allows you to collect and evaluate data to get not only up-to-date reports, but also trends on how well resolutions are being met.

Are you missing what you need? AyMINE allows the module to be customized by us or anyone else. Thanks to the open interface, the module can be completed by your current supplier or anyone else who can create simple programs. There is no need for any special knowledge or to purchase licenses or development tools.

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