AyMINE modules and main services

Overview of system modules provided and developed

AyMINE® is a modular extensible system that allows you to use standard modules, build additional modules on them, or create entirely your own modules. We list the standard modules that are available for both commercial and non-commercial use on the AyMINE portal.

For each module, more detailed information is available by clicking on the link. More details can be found in user documentation.

Modularity is not more than modules

The modularity of a system is not primarily due to the fact that it contains modules. Modules could be defined because complete unique internal structure supports them. The basis of the system is a framework providing both a runtime environment and an persistent object base. The system modules are built on top of the framework and on top of the system modules are the application modules.

Modular design

But the principle of modularity is implemented in all parts of the system including user interface. For example, the entire appearance of an application is controlled by a separately defined design, which is created completely independently of the functionality but also almost independently of the user interface implementation. You can read more about how friendly application design is created here.

Modular Icons

Apart from the design itself, the application icons are also modular. All icons and other illustrations are outside the application itself and can be prepared and updated independently of the application.

Language environment

Translations of all texts have been separate part of applications for many years. AyMINE is no exception. Not only the translations of all texts of the user interface are defined separately, but also the help, user documentation, counters and templates for reports.

Analysis and architecture

Analysis and architecture of the product under development is closely linked to project management. Links with Enterprise Architect are available for modeling.

Related modules

Effective communication, project management and quality would not work without integration with standard modules that provide key governance objects.

System Modules

An essential modules for system management and rapid development support. The modules provides basis for the enterprise application development framework. More about system modules.

System availability

SaaS, private system or Custom solutions

The modules and complete functionality is available in different ways:

  1. Starting with the AyMINE cloud service you can immediately and without any investment.
  2. Custom System Operation also within the commercial license to operate in an environment of your corporate infrastructure
  3. Custom-based development Build up your own solutions reusing AyMINE components for your own development. Or we can develop a custom-defined solution directly for you

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