AyMINE price list

AyMINE is a modular system and each of its business modules can be used separately. But of course you get the most music when the whole orchestra plays together. You can decide what you prefer.

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Price for the cloud version

When renting, the entire system runs under our care. This has many advantages for you - news every week and you don't have to worry about anything. In addition, the system on our servers also supports mobile apps.

Advantages of renting
  • Updates every week - We deploy new features agilely and quickly.
  • Minor changes in the package - Do you have an idea for improvement? Can a new feature help you? We can respond very quickly, even on the same day.
  • You don't have to worry - We make sure everything keeps running. We take care of backups and security. It's definitely cheaper than building your own cloud.
  • Mobile app connectivity - The AyMINE app is connected to our server and you can easily access all your data from it. Although you can work seamlessly in the browser of your mobile, the app is simply an app. For example, the camera is simply better in the app.


In the overview you will find what you can look forward to. Open the overview to see the details.

I manage tasks and projects
I want to share encrypted data
Automation of quality tools and ISO standards
I have a business
I do analysis and large projects
I want quality automated processes
Up to 5 users
7.5 €
7.5 €
12.5 €
12.5 €
12.5 €
Up to 51 users (51st-85th user free)
7.5 €
7.5 €
7.5 €
12.5 €
15 €
21.3 €
More than 85 users
4.5 €
5.5 €
5.5 €
10 €
10 €
12.5 €
Information, task, project and meeting management
Unencrypted shared information
Individual and group tasks
Work reports
Conducting meetings from preparation to minutes
Project planning and management
Project management with management system automation
Complete methodologies supporting project management as well as ISO / SPICE standards
Analytical model creation and synchronization with Enterprise Architect (SysML, ArchiMate)
Business process support (CRM, helpdesk, GDPR, whistleblowing, etc.)
CRM records and process support
Emails, SMS and phone calls directly from the system, communication history with clients, shared email templates
Creation and management of offers, statistics and business reports
Orders, dispatch processing
Pricing - managing price lists and linking them to customer groups
Customer helpdesk
Internal helpdesk, company staff support
Shared email templates
Order and customer requests and queries intake via web, email
Full support for GDPR and whistleblowing - receiving and handling complaints
Disaster recovery support - managing critical information for disaster recovery management
Quality management automation
Management of QMS - quality management system
Workflow for automation of steps to support ISO standards
Recording and solving problems / non-conformities in products and equipment
Project process support - data archiving, approvals, revisions
Project process support - archiving, approvals, revisions
Document management
Documents stored with record
Virtual copying (one document for multiple records)
Detailed access rights control
Encrypted sharing of classified information
Encrypted internal notes
Encrypted internal communication
Manage groups with access rights to encrypted dat
Effective internal and external communication
Internal messages and alerts, phishing protection
Discussion and comments on outputs and activities (threads)
General discussions
Receive messages from Internet forms directly to the work desk
Internet - Website management, API for integration
Administration of any number of portals within one CMS
Bulletin boards - publication of contributions
Software support for dynamic site development
API for integration with other systems - receiving and forwarding orders, invoices, etc.
Extended support by the development team

0.5GB of data/user is included in the price. An increase up to 1TB/useris possible.


AyMINE is provided free of charge for up to 50 users:

  • Schools and other organisations or private individuals who use it for teaching and learning purposes.
  • Organizations, including commercial ones, that use AyMINE to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian refugees
  • Charitable, religious and social service organisations

We offer the solution at a special price for civic associations, JVs and other non-profit organizations.

A discount of up to 100% of the price is provided to organizations and companies that use other services at the same time. The discount is equal to 10% of the value of the other services and is applied in the next quarter after the other services are used.

Service support

System administration in our cloud, troubleshooting, standard and weekly new features are included. User and system support is included at 2hrs/month.

User, methodological and consulting support (beyond the package) is provided at a price of 2200 CZK / h (every half hour counts)

Purchase of licenses and own operation

If, despite the advantages of renting, you want your own licenses, this is of course possible. Write to our sales staff.

You may find interesting

AyMINE is a system for long-term use. It is therefore important to know that you can count on its price not rising in the long term to make it significantly more expensive in a few years. The pricing policy is therefore set so that you know in advance how much the system will cost you. You can read more about the pricing policy in the Technical Terms and Conditions – Cost guarantee.

On premise or prefer to be on your own?

You can use the system in our cloud without risks and worries. But you can also have it on your own in on-premise mode. You take care of the environment, we will get the system up and running for you. And you're in control

On-premise mode is available from 50 licenses.

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