Carefree compliance with standards

Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and many more need not be a barrier and a lot of extra work. With AyMINE, you'll comply with them in a way that saves you a lot of work and really gets you what you should – accuracy, quality work and efficient organization.
Does this seem unrealistic to you? See that we mean it.

Why standards are challenging

Standards are challenging for businesses because:

Let's look at it another way

We decided to take our support for standards from the exact problems that most often accompany their implementation in a company. And since we have been helping companies to comply with various standards since 1998, we have a lot of experience.
The following table shows how we are meeting the goal we set ourselves with AyMINE: that standards actually help, and that implementing them with AyMINE makes people less busy than they would have been without standards and without AyMINE's help.

The problem that accompanies standardsHow AyMINE helps with this
Standards require documentation of what has been done (e.g. reviews, meetings, etc.); documenting them takes a lot of time and is useless in practice.AyMINE creates documentation of activities automatically. This work does not arise at all with AyMINE
It is necessary to make sure that various checks, audits, etc. are not forgotten. If they are forgotten, the auditor will find it and the company will not get the certificate or will lose itAyMINE makes sure that the necessary steps are planned and done. There is no need to focus anywhere on meeting the standard
Standards are long, uninteresting reading. In order to comply with it, the company must become familiar with it and keep the know-how in the companyWe have become familiar with the standard. AyMINE leads them in what people have to do. Nobody has to study the norm. You save yourself training and time figuring out how to comply.
It's a bureaucracy. We know where that opinion comes from. The benefit is lost behind a lot of paperwork. AyMINE will remove that and standards will bring benefits.

What a standard with AyMINE will bring

Let's take the example of ISO 9001. The standard at its core requires very useful things:

How the system will make your work easier

AyMINE can't figure out for you what you are expert at. But it supports areas where information systems are "experts" at – managing information:

Why standards with AyMINE

With AyMINE, we set out from the start to find a way for organisations to meet standards in a way that actually helps and saves work. We've succeeded, and the system will help you manage not just the obligations of one or a few standards, but any that the business needs and wants to address.
Many won't believe you, but we enjoy standards. We enjoy helping them to be used effectively, and we enjoy finding ways in companies to use information systems to make standards actually save work, not hinder people, but help them. And we believe we have succeeded in doing that with AyMINE.

Example: ISO 9001 support

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