Product Lifecycle Management

In AyMINE from design to service

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a set of processes that describe all activities related to a product. PLM also refers to applications that support the processes and product management.

PLM AyMINE is perfectly suitable for more complex products requiring development compliant with regulations, standards or specific customer requirements.

Whether you're developing a part for a car, an airplane or a new financial service, you always need to pull all the information together and collaborate smoothly.

That's why the PLM solution is there.

Product Management

With product catalogue, your team always will be up-to-date with the latest documentation. Price list and other important information

  • Sales data from orders as wells as data about failed offers
  • Helpdesk statistics
  • Quality issues or supplier outages from production
  • Who are the customers or buyers

Trade & Sales

With AyMINE, traders will always have up-to-date information:

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  • We are good at testing and trying things out
  • We will teach you how to use AyMINE almost blindly
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