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Bulletin Board

The purpose of the bulletin board is to post information to the public. The bulletin board can serve as an intranet page (requires user login) or a public (available to anyone) website.

Examples of use:

  • Office bulletin board
  • Club information page
  • Employee News

Create and manage a bulletin board

A bulletin board can only be created and edited by your administrators, who will set up the authorized people and other details for the bulletin board. Other users can see what boards they can post to, but they cannot edit the board definition.

Board language

A bulletin board is always maintained in one language. You fill in the language in the description of the bulletin board.

If the language of the bulletin board is different than the language in which you write its name and description, be sure to create a translation of the bulletin board description. Otherwise, the bulletin board will display the name and description untranslated.

Adding posts to the page

You can insert objects that have the publish function enabled (e.g., information) on the page.
Individual modules can define their own publish-enabled objects, so each organization may have different publishing options. (Basic modules support publishing information). It is thus possible to create bulletin boards with different topics, e.g. publish decisions.

In order to publish to a bulletin board, a user must have a role authorizing the publication, but also have the appropriate system right. Individual objects can bind the publish right to other conditions (e.g. status). It is therefore necessary to consult the documentation of the respective objects.

The functioning of a bulletin board

For a bulletin board, it is necessary to set which role or group is allowed to publish on it. No one else can publish. If you want to allow selected people from different groups to publish, you need to create a separate group of these users in the AyMINE administration and assign them the right to publish posts.

The moment a post is published, it is available on the bulletin board until the post is closed. The expiration can be set directly when posting to the bulletin board.

If posts need to be reviewed or approved, it is possible to set the post to be published only after approval by the person responsible for the bulletin board or his/her representative. (The right to approve posts can be set to one or two people, no more than that.)

Translations of posts on the bulletin board

The system always tries to put posts on the board in the language of the board. If this is not the primary language of the post, the post must be translated beforehand. If a post has a language set and automatic translation into the language of the bulletin board is possible, the system will try to translate the post automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to give a better URL to a message board?

A bulletin board URL is composed of the system client code and the name of the bulletin board. The URL is still the same, so it is possible to provide a link to the bulletin board and insert a link to other pages.
If it would be desirable for the bulletin board to have a simpler name, this should be requested from the system operator (Can insert an alternative page name on the server).

How do I change the address of a page?

You can change the address by changing the URL in the bulletin board configuration. The page at the original address will no longer be found. Links that were linked to the page on other pages will be invalid.

I want a nicer looking bulletin board

You can edit the appearance of the bulletin board. If the bulletin board is part of your public website, it is of course advisable that it is graphically and colour-coordinated with it. Your site administrator can easily prepare a graphic style for the bulletin board that will modify the appearance of the bulletin board. Ask for the system operator and give them the contact details of your site administrator. We will provide him with a list of styles (default scss definition) that he can easily modify the site with.