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What a methodology / QMS consists of

A methodology consists of procedures, as well as all the other objects necessary to follow the procedures, and also to manage the methodology itself.

Documentation structure QMS

The methodology consists mainly of binding procedures that must be followed or recommended for corporate activities. An integral part of the methodology are predefined tasks and sample outputs that make the work easier and specify how the output should look.
Within AyMINE, the following are part of the methodology:


Obligations, which the methodology must fulfill or follow. Obligations are typically "input requirements", they stand out a bit, but that doesn't mean they aren't important, on the contrary.

Term, Phrase

Dictionary is an essential part of any standard and standard and should not be missing in internal methodologies. Ideally, a common dictionary is for all methodologies of the company.

Policy, Regulation

Directive, which form most of the backbone of the entire quality system and other methodologies

Default plan template

Sample plans are the basis for project planning in particular, but not only for it; they will generally serve wherever planning is needed and the methodology standardizes it.

Working Procedures, Task Pattern

Sample tasks replace prescribed workflows. A major advantage is that on the basis of the sample tasks, real tasks are created straight away, saving the system a lot of work and workers the need to know everything in detail or to search for workflows.

Record template

Sample Protocols are the template for all records that need to be created while working, and it is not possible to stay with automatically generated records.

Competency & Qualification

Qualifications define what the workers who perform the tasks must be able to do. Qualifications certainly do not replace organizational roles and are absolutely essential for a quality methodology that really addresses quality. While they are part of the methodologies, they are also an important basis for recording the skills of the workers and are therefore also used by the HR module in AyMINE.

Business události (Business Event)

Events are not generally part of the methodologies, but in AyMINE they serve as support for automation of activities. Thanks to events, AyMINE can directly lead the sequence of activities as well as automate mandatory activities.

Project role

The project role defines the competences that a person involved in a project must have. At the same time, sample tasks are assigned to the project role by sample workflows.

Of course, project roles are only relevant in methodologies that relate to project management. They are not used outside of projects.

Sample Project

The Pattern Project defines what all components a project of a certain type must have. (You can define a custom type for each project type).
Based on the sample project, a new project can easily be started within a minute in accordance with the methodology.

More information

Read more about the methodologies and their importance for quality management here.