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Task list

List of tasks allow you to search in tasks that are currently or historically processed in system and are relevent for ypu.

About documentation: This comments describes only list of tasks. For details about task, open documentation in the task detail.

What tasks can you see

You can see both active and historical tasks that:

  • You are responsible for them or assigned to them
  • You are in the team that solves the task
    Appart of that you can see tasks from business areas in which you between actors or readers. (Let's mention, that manager of the area
    do not see the tasks if he/she is not betweeen actors.)

What's meaning of filters:

  • Active are tasks that are not completed/rejected and not planned in future. Tasks are between active tasks a day before planned start
  • Completed those, that are in the completed state (Let's not that only completed, nor rejected!)
  • Person tasks that somehow relates with person (or persons) that you select in the list offered after the button press. Selection is valid as long as button is down and forgotten after that
  • in Delay those that planed end already passed and are not yet completed or those that are completed but were completed later then expected
  • fulltext search text of the task name, short description and steps. Let's note that fulltext does not search people linked with the task.