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Connector for Web Services

AyMINE allows clients to customize the connector for web communications. WEB connectors are used for this.

Connector settings are available to administrators. The path to setup is:
Main Desktop Menu (menu) → Administration → System Settings → WEB connectors (bookmark)

What is a Web connector

A Web connector is a connection that allows other applications – e.g. websites – to communicate with AyMINE, to receive information and to pass data to AyMINE. You can say that it is a door to information. AyMINE provides the basic connectors within a web service module.

Of course, AyMINE will not provide any information to anyone or anywhere without giving someone a key to the door. By creating a connector, you are not actually creating a connector – it is programmed in the system, but you are making a key to the door to your data. And it is up to you who you provide the key to.

You can make as many keys as you want. We recommend that you only use each key for one user – an external application, or a website. If you need to, you can easily remove the key.

What you need to set for the connector

Setting up the connector requires a minimum of data that is easy to understand. So just a few notes below

  • Naming – We recommend the name of the application or website that uses the connector. If a message goes from the web to the system via the connector, the name is part of the message. It's therefore advisable to make the name understandable to those who receive the messages
  • Access code – generates the system automatically and you can't define it yourself. The access code needs to know the administrator of the application to connect to AyMINE.
  • Maximum counts – The values set limits on how many times per hour or day the service can be called. We recommend setting a limit corresponding to the usage. The reason for the limits is to protect against attacks from the internet. Limits can't be completely lifted.
  • Contact – You can connect the contact from the address book to the person in charge of the connector "on the other side" – for the connected application. The contact allows you to quickly solve problems if they occur. The contact field is only available if you are using the CRM module.


The buttons on the top left provide functions.

The new code will generate a new Access Code. Use only if the current code is compromised.

Zero limits If for some reason the message limits per hour or day have been met, you can reset the counters to zero. This will unblock the blocked door.

Connector vs. service

The data door – the connector – provides right of access, but you still need to determine what data will be accessed through that door. After the connector is established, you still need to set up the services that will be "on the door" available. Each door is set up separately.


Within the basic package of web services are:

Do not delete services by mistake

If you delete the connector, the services will be removed. If you only want to temporarily block the connector, do not delete it, but change the state to outdated.