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Package definition

The purpose of a package definition is to define, within a methodology, what should be in a given package and how it is handled throughout its lifecycle.

Note: Packages are groups of objects and allow the entire group to work together or protect objects. Packages are either generic or for a specific use – typically for archiving data and protecting it from change (see configuration/archiving package).

The package definition is always part of the methodology. A package is created based on the definition, but the effect of the definition on the resulting package is only in the description above.

On the content of the package definition

In addition to the usual fields such as name and description, the definition contains:

  • Identification of what type of package the definition is a template for. The value must be filled in.
  • A checking procedure to verify the correctness of the package. The procedure is an audit/review assignment that should be performed on each package created based on the definition before it is considered complete and properly processed.