User Modules

Task, project & quality management
Contacts and directories module (CRM)
Web management and automation
Human resources
Asset management module

Technical Modules

Sabre plugin module
Enterprise Architect connector

System Modules

The AyMINE framework module
System services

Client Settings

Settings for the tsk – Task Management module

Use teams for tasks

The option allows you to use team tasks. If the option is disabled, it is not possible to define a team for a task and the task is always individual.

Do not enable the option if methodologies are to be used. These contain group task definitions and disabling this option may not allow you to process tasks correctly.

Norms and Laws sub-module

Support for standards and laws is technically part of the tsk module, but commercially it is a stand-alone module. Turning it on is done by this option.

Turning it off blocks functionality associated with using methodologies.

Use formal analyses

The option allows you to add analysis to decision-making, e.g. according to the SWOT, FMEA, FTA model.

The option is an additional and separately accounted functionality of the system. Turning it off simplifies decision-making options, specifically the analysis tab is not available. Analyses are not available in ranges.

Calendar and Task Synchronization

The sabre module is a standalone module that is separately installed. The tsk module provides system support for it internally, which is enabled by this option.

Turn this option on if the client has a sabre module; without this option the module functionality will not be activated.

Use job reports in activities

The option allows you to create individual job reports for tasks and other objects of active activities (e.g. meetings).

If the option is not active, there is no function available to create a job report. However, it is possible to fill in the total labour intensity of individual tasks and to monitor the labour intensity of tasks in a simpler way.

The purpose of the option is not to simplify the system, but a variable option to monitor the labour intensity of tasks:

  • Checked: It is possible to report a task by hours and to give recurring reports – it allows for more accurate monitoring and to combine the labour monitoring with the labour report
  • Checked: It is possible to report labour intensity by one item. The option is particularly suitable for companies where workers do a job report in another system to avoid the need for duplicate reporting.