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Self-Reminders are a quick note pad for notes to remember something necessary – message, phone number or anything else.

Use the Self button to create a reminder to yourself only. The reminder is displayed among other Reminders and messages in the list on the main table

Differences in the behaviour of Reminders to yourself

Reminders that we send to ourselves behave differently in many ways from messages sent to us by someone else:

  • Not unread Reminders are marked as read directly. This also implies other behavioural differences.
  • Never comes by email. Reminders are never sent to you by the system in an email. This makes it more secure for your privacy. But there is no reason to do so, as you are sure to know about it.
  • Not appear on your mobile phone or on your computer or mobile
  • Can be deleted Unlike Reminders sent to you by someone else, you can delete Reminders that you send to yourself at any time. Just remember that if you delete them, they will actually be deleted. They are send to the trash and after three days completely wiped. So you do not have to be afraid to save anything in them for a while, as they will not leave a trace of them after they are deleted. Don't forget, that trash is automatically cleaned after three days.
  • Not connected to an object Reminders for themselves cannot be linked to objects. They can only be created on the main page.
  • You can edit your notes Self-reminders are notes in principal and so you can edit them as long as you need. History of changes is not recorded.

Like other alerts, the purpose of the alert itself is not to serve as a long-term notepad. For information that you want to keep for a long time, use the information in the right area – e.g. your own.