User Modules

Task, project & quality management
Contacts and directories module (CRM)
Web management and automation
Human resources
Products, assets and sales

Technical Modules

Sabre plugin module
Enterprise Architect connector

System Modules

The AyMINE Framework Module
System Management

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User settings

Enter basic information about you and customize the app to your needs.

User settings contain options that change the behaviour of the app, so if you are not comfortable with the app's behaviour, it is a good idea to check the settings.

Saving settings

Options about the app's behavior are stored on your device. Their settings are therefore individual for each device you use. You can therefore set different behaviour on your mobile phone and computer.

The settings are stored in your browser's memory and in cookies. If you block cookies or set them to be deleted when you close the page, your settings will be lost. We therefore recommend that you set your browser to not delete AyMINE cookies.

Mobile settings

AyMINE adapts its behavior to mobile phones and tablets automatically, but some options depend on your phone settings, which the program cannot detect. The options here therefore allow you to customize the behavior:

  • Mobile version of the app: usually the mobile device is detected correctly, but if not, you can change the settings here.
  • Double-click: Double-clicking is the usual "touch" on desktop computers, but on mobile devices it often triggers a different function (e.g. screen zoom on the iPhone). If you find double-clicking difficult to use, selecting it in lists where double-clicking is normally used will bring up a special button that replaces the double-click.
  • Help: If you know the app's features, you can turn off the help display. This way, it won't pop up and "get in your way". Remember that this option will not only cancel the hover help, but also the and icons. If you want to return to the help, be sure to turn this option back on.


The system supports a range of light and dark colour profiles. You can choose according to your taste, mood and time of day. We write about the meaning and history of color styles here.

Reliable device

The reliability of a system's security depends primarily on each individual user. Therefore, corporate accounts should always have two-factor logins. How to combine security with convenience is the subject of the section The reliable device settings are discussed here.

Languages and user interface

AyMINE is developed from the ground up for European needs, and these include a multi-national and multi-language approach. The system offers a multi-language user interface, but users can also share information with each other in other languages. Therefore, the system offers you the possibility to independently set up

  • The language in which you will work with the application
  • The language in which you primarily want to receive information – the sharing language

What the sharing language is for

The system allows you to have the information you share in multiple languages. It also allows for automatic translation. When you set your preferred language, the system will offer you information and messages in your language. Read more about language options on the translation page. For a general description of how to communicate effectively in a multilingual company, read this.