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Qualification of user or contact

A Qualification expresses the ability of a person (or company) to responsibly perform a specific activity.
AyMINE allows you to see what qualifications your employees have. You can assign qualifications to each person, so you can keep track of who can do what and what work they can be assigned to.

How to add qualifications

In order to assign a qualification, it must be predefined. Qualifications are defined by methodologies and you can add a qualification to a user or contact from the methodologies that are accessible to you.

If the required qualification is missing from the system, you need to select the appropriate methodology to which it belongs and add it there. Then it is also possible to assign it to users.

Notes on setting rights

A user can assign qualifications to other users, as long as he has the reader right to the methodology where the qualification is defined. The user who assigns the qualification is implicitly responsible for ensuring that the worker is actually able to perform the activity at the required professional level.