List of business areas

User Modules

Task, project & quality management
Contacts and directories module (CRM)
Web management and automation
Human resources
Products, assets and sales
Finance management
Metrics and Measurements

Technical Modules

Sabre plugin module
Enterprise Architect connector

System Modules

The AyMINE Framework Module
System Management

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List of business areas

Note: This manual describes only list-specific information. See documentation in detail for area description.

In the list you see only areas that you have right for.

What are the rights to the area

Rights are describeds by icons in the #personSVG column:

  1. You are active member and work with the content
  2. You are reader only and cannot modify objects in the area
  3. You are manager and cannot work with the content


Filters are complementary with your access rights described above.

You can select areas where someone is manager or reader but still you can see only areas that are also available to you. Only person with right to see all areas (area manager) can see everything and find all areas where is the searched person assigned.

Tree of areas

In the list you see only areas where you have some access areas and you might not be able to see superordinated areas. That’s why you cannot see the whole tree of them.

Managers with right to see all areas are able to open the tree of all areas using the button Tree and check the whole structure.


The Projects area will contain subareas for each individual project. You have 3 projects under management and you will see the areas for these projects. However, you do not need to see the Projects parent area, which will only be seen by the Project Office Manager who created the areas for your projects.

Show Area Tree

People with the right to see all areas can see all areas in the tree by clicking Tree

New Area

You can add an area by clicking the add button. You should add an area within the structure so that the subarea is more general. Therefore, only some users have the right to create an area without a parent area directly in the areas menu.

Why there is no deletion of an area

An area typically contains evidence of the progress of processing a particular agenda and should not normally be deleted, but marked as inactive. Therefore, the deletion button is not available in the list.

Features in the overview

Function buttons in the overview of areas allow you to quickly open the detail of an area in different modes:

  • Manage View Access for area administration.
  • Workspace of an area through which you can access everything in the area either directly on the desktop or via the menu.

Note: you can also open windows in a separate window if you also hold ctrl when you press the button.

Additional notes

Visibility of areas

Users with the right of area administrator can also see areas to which they do not have the right given a direct relationship. An administrator can change the manager of an area to, for example, resolve a situation where the manager is not available in the long term and the area needs to be managed.

Even an administrator does not have the ability to access the content of areas beyond their powers. The protection of the content is not affected.