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My Tasks

The Tasks folder on your desktop contains tasks that are open and ready to be solved, and you are supposed to participate in solving them.
Overview of custom tasks on the desktop – dashboard

The picture shows the tasks on the desktop. It may differ from your perspective depending on the colour theme you have chosen.

What tasks do you see

  • Tasks already in progress or about to start (the day before the scheduled start)
  • The tasks you are responsible for are just before or after the completion time
  • Tasks you collaborate on, even if you are not working on them

Of course, these are only tasks that concern you – either you are responsible for them or you are currently assigned to them.

Your tasks that you don't see here:

Not to be too much, so you don't see everything. But you can get to everything by clicking the button for your personal Kanban tasks

  • Long-term
  • The tasks for which you are responsible are handled by someone else and are not yet finished (you will see them on the day they are due to be completed)

Icons of your involvement in the project solution

You are responsible for the task and it is not assigned to anyone else

You are responsible for the task, but it is currently assigned to someone else.

The task is currently assigned to you; someone else is responsible for the task

The task is free and waiting to be taken up. You are not responsible for it, but if you can (and have the capacity), you should take it. The supervisor in charge of the task marked the task with a call for the person who best understands it to take over

(free task sign + manager sign; symbol visible only in internal help) You have personally marked the task as free to solve. You are still responsible for him. If no one takes it on time, you must assign it to a specific person or handle it yourself.

Priority Icons

Priority Icon expresses priority setting in the task:

  • low priority
  • normal priority (can be completely without an icon)
  • high priority
  • critical

Task Solution Status Tags

There may be tags in the top right corner of each task to indicate the status of the task's solution:

New Task Tag

Warning that the task is newly added, you have not yet started working on it, but according to the deadline, the task should already be started

Delayed Task Tag

@CWtriangle|MwatchesSVG (watch in warning triangle) – The task should already be completed, but it is still not. You should pay particular attention to the task.

Private Tags and Notes

You can use a flag, star and other symbols to mark the task, as well as other entries, for reminders and for better orientation You can also add your own note. You can read more about private marks and notes here.

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