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Sabre plugin module

The Sabre is a technical plugin that creates the AyMINE link to the server of the same name – Sabre.

Basic goals of the module

  • Synchronizes user calendars to mobile devices (iOS, Android) or applications (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, emClient etc.)
  • Synchronizes contacts
  • Synchronizes tasks

Plugin builds on module

  • Task and information management plugin

About Sabre and AyMINE – license terms

Sabre is an open-source server for sharing calendars, contacts and tasks through a standardized interface. Information about it is on its website. License terms for its use are listed here.

A connector between AyMINE and the Sabre server is included with AyMINE. PDQM, the provider of the AyMINE Sabre server, does not distribute or provide its source code.

Instructions for use


  1. Open Personal settings > Local settings
  2. Under Mobile device settings, click Activate Transfer
  3. In the dialog box that pops up, click Yes
  4. After confirming, you will see a notification that synchronization has been activated. It will include the following information:
  • Username and password, both of which will be required for each sync. We therefore recommend that you keep these details (especially the password) well stored.
  • The address of the base calendar, which will store all events and tasks for which a separate synchronization will not be set.
  • The address of the sabreserver of the AyMINE instance.

Synchronization to external devices

Synchronization works for all applications that allow CalDAV synchronization. However, in this documentation we provide detailed procedures for only two of them. However, we assume analogous procedures for DAVx5 and Mozilla Thunderbird for the others.

Synchronization with DAVx5

  1. On the main application screen, click the + button in the bottom right corner
  2. This will take you to the Add Account screen. In the login methods list, select Login with URL and username.
  3. Enter the sabreserver address of the AyMINE instance and the username and password you obtained after activating synchronization.
  4. You will be taken to the Create Account page, here just enter your account name.
  5. You will be taken to your new account page. Click on the CALDAV tab to see a list of calendars to sync. Select the ones you want to sync by checking the checkbox to the left of the calendar name.
  6. You should now find the events in your calendar.
  7. You should now be able to find your task list in your to-do apps, such as OpenTasks

Synchronization with Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open the calendar section
  2. Next to the calendar overview, click the + button.
  3. A window will pop up asking you where you want to create a new calendar. Select On the network.
  4. In the pop-up window, enter the address of the specific calendar you want to synchronize and your synchronization username.
  5. In the next window that pops up, enter your synchronization password.
  6. The calendar is now synchronized. All that remains is to customize the name and color under which it is presented.

Sync settings

The following steps describe how to select that certain areas should be synchronized separately or not at all.

  1. Open Personal settings > Local settings
  2. In the Mobile device options section, click the Synchronisation button (only displayed if sync is already enabled)
  3. An overview of your areas will pop up. For each, you can select one of the following options:
  • Not synchronise: events and tasks from this area will not be accessible on external devices.
  • *Synchronise together: events and tasks from this area will be included in the basic AyMINE Calendar along with events and tasks from other areas that are synced together.
  • Synchronise separately: events and tasks from this area will be synchronized to your own calendar. When you select this option, the tasks will display their calendar address needed to sync to Thunderbird, for example.
  1. Note: To quickly view changes in DAVx5, we recommend that you open your account page in the app, open the CALDAV tab, click on the top right menu and select Reload Calendar List


If you encounter an error when using CalDAV synchronization, do the following:

  1. If your problem is that newly added tasks are not appearing in the task book or calendar, we recommend waiting a few hours first, as it may just be the long synchronization intervals of these applications.
  2. If the problems occurred during the actual activation of CalDAV synchronization, make sure you followed the instructions above.
  3. Open Personal settings > Local settings > Synchronisation and make sure that you are actually synchronizing each area the way you want.
  4. If you are unable to resolve the issues, contact support. If your issues are related to syncing to DAVx5, we recommend including a zip archive with your request for help, detailing what is happening in that application (Settings > View debug information > Share archive).