User Processes

User Modules

Task, project & quality management
Contacts and directories module (CRM)
Web management and automation
Human resources
Products, assets and sales
Finance management
Metrics and Measurements

Technical Modules

Sabre plugin module
Enterprise Architect connector

System Modules

The AyMINE Framework Module
System Management

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User Processes

For each system role, you can set which processes the members are working under

Processes determine which options and features are available to users.

Range of available processes

The processes you can select are set globally across the entire client setup (Administration > System Settings > (tab) Module Options). The purpose of the process setup is described in the setup system help.

Why processes are set up for groups and not for people

Of course, setting up who is working under which process applies to specific people. However, manually setting up each person individually would be laborious. In addition, joining a process also requires joining a group of colleagues who will have rights to the same areas.

What processes the worker is assigned

The worker is assigned processes that are allowed in any of the groups he or she is a member of. This also applies transitively – if he or she is a member of a team that belongs to a group and that group has a process set up, the worker has the functions associated with that process active.

Influence of settings on system behavior

Within user groups, only processes that are allowed for the entire organization can be allowed.

Email settings

Communication gateways (especially email gateways) can only be set for enabled processes. (Not all processes support email communication). Within the system and for each individual user, email communication is only allowed within the allowed processes.

Warning: Among the processes is Process Privacy, which allows to download emails from private email to the system (if they are set up). In order to set link to private mailbox, the user must have this process enabled.

The influence of individual options on specific behavior is described in each section


If the user does not have a project area


  • The right to set up a link to private mailbox (not mandatory!)
  • The right to set emails and information as "private."

Quality Management

  • The right to file an 8D report. Note: If an 8D report is created by another employee, workers who do not have the right to file an 8D report may participate.

Financial Management

  • Work with Budgets
  • Enter Expenses