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Privacy policy

Contacts and trade data access management

AyMINE allows you to control exactly who can use what data and how. You can create any number of directories in AyMINE and set each one who can edit the data and who can use it, but can't edit it.

Temporary rights to change contact details

You can temporarily allow someone to make adjustments. Create a campaign (a task for a group of people), give someone this task, and you can allow them to edit contacts as part of the task. For example, a worker can update data, but cannot change it after the campaign is completed.

(Remember, including a contact in a task does not make contacts available to a worker that they must not otherwise see. You can only give the right to a worker who is allowed to see the data. You can also grant this right temporarily.)

Directories do not prevent grouping

The division of contacts into directories does not prevent you from having them together in a group. One group may include contacts from multiple directories. This allows you to create reports on group turnovers across directories, for example. This allows you to get global reports through customers that you do not work with and do not know the details.

Reduce the possibilities of handling directory data

Decide which workers can synchronize data to, for example, a mobile phone or MS Outlook. Who can export to Excel.

Remember that business data is most often (more than 70%) taken out of a company by internal workers. Protecting data from being taken out of the system should be a priority for you!