Pricing – volume discounts

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Pricing – volume discounts

Price lists allow you to set different prices depending on the volume of goods ordered

By inserting pricing line, you can never reinsert a product into the price list. Nevertheless, it is possible to have multiple items for one product if you want to set a different price for a various quantities.

Create quantity discounts and price-ranges in the price list

  • Insert products into the price list (if you don't have them there already)
  • Select the products in the price list for which you want to set a new price band
  • Use the New Band function
    • Enter a limit (in units of goods – typically units, but it depends on the product)
    • Enter the margin for the new band

The function will automatically create a new price record for all selected products. The original one will have the specified limit as the upper limit, the new one as the lower limit. The new record will be given the specified margin.

Note that a new margin will be given to a new record that is for a larger number of units than the specified limit. Therefore, create bands from lower (fewer pieces) to upper (more pieces).

Edit quantity bands

The values that have been created by the function can, of course, be modified. Just select them in the list – typically by margin or volume setting and change the margin.

For which products the bands are created

The system will create bands for all the products you select. If you do not select any, it will be created for all products.