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Trusted user device

Trusted device is a device that user confirmed to be safe for use without two-factor authentication

System allows you to mark your device (typically your own mobile phone or notebook) you are working as a trusted device. Trusted device:

  • Simplifies login because it does not require two-factor authentication
  • Support work with private encrypted information and allows work with vault for passwords

How to mark device trusted

  1. Login to the application using two-factor authentication
  2. Go to the user settings and start trusted device confirmation
  3. Check your email for verification code
  4. Enter the code from email
  5. Login again to the system – last confirmation that everything is made by you
    After all steps device is marked trusted.

How to clear the settings

Remove “trusted device” from a device that you are currently using

If you mark your computer trusted you have Untrusted button in the user settings. Using the function change the settings.

Reject “trusted device” mark remotely

You can also remove “Trusted” mark remotely. All trusted devices are visible on the page of trusted devices in user settings. You might remove any device from list.

System administrator can remove you trusted device

Remove “trusted device” mark from any device could also make a system administrator. E.g. when you loose your mobile with private access, call your administrator. When he remove the mark, no one can access the application or even open password vault and access encrypted notes.

What a safe device allows

On a safe device it is possible to:

  • Save your login in a more secure way than in a browser.
  • Save passwords to unlock encrypted content
  • Save data for offline access (requires an app)

You should know

The system will still occasionally log you out

The system may cancel your login for several reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • The system has been updated and it was necessary to cancel saved logins (the system will log you out when it downloads updates).
  • Your browser has cleared your saved data, and with it has removed data that is necessary to verify where you are.

Trusted device is browser-dependent

When you mark your device “trusted” in a browser (e.g. the FireFox), that’s valid only in that browser. When you use another one (e.g. Chrome) computer won’t be trusted.

Recommendation – install AyMINE as an application

Install AyMINE in windows via the Edge browser. You’ll get more safe access without mixing AyMINE with other browser windows.

  1. Start MS Edge and login to the system
  2. Use “add application” in the Edge menu.
  3. You can add AyMINE application from the start menu to the dashboard or main panel

Trusted system stores password vault

Only trusted computers are allowed to use the vault – stored passwords for access encrypted notes. Untrusted computer never gets data about your vault.