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Relatios between objects

Relatios are used to document user-defined relations between object. They do not supply or alter regular relations, but allow deep documentation of the real world.

What to related

Relatios are typically used in accordance to the internal methodology. Methodology is important because without that relatios and espcially information stored in the relations easily confuse other users that might not understand relation or not foung information hidden in unexpected field – relation description.
In a nutshell: use relation in scope an in purpose that is ashared among users.

Relation documentation

Relations are always beteen two object and cannot exists without that.
Except object, relations should have name, to make clear, why they are there. Other feilds are optional.

Name You can put whatever name you want. Nevertheless – for better clarity it is important to use the same name for relation type everywhere. That's why you can set name from pre-defined list. If list does not fit your needs, contact your administration. It is easy to update the list, when it makes sense.

Version Version is used in case that you have updates of model like releases, change analysi etc. It allows prepare new version and change old and new versoin after analysis and decision about the change.


Lock allow lock the relations and prevents delete. You shall unlock relations before delete.