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Object location on the board

Objects can be put on the board by the user if the user has the right to do so and the board is open for posts.

Posts can be made to the bulletin board by users from the group selected in the group definition. No one else has the right to do so.

If the bulletin board settings specify that each post must be pre-approved, people from the selected group can make posts to the bulletin board, but the Publish button is not available. The staff member responsible for the bulletin board (or a representative also specified in the bulletin board settings) must approve the publication. They must open the publication detail and publish themselves with the button.

Publication time

It is usually not desirable for posts to be on the bulletin board permanently. Therefore, the publication is filled in from when and until when the post is published.

A post is never published before its approval and the date from which it is published. Both conditions must be met!

Publication statuses

A posting must be in the Active state to be displayed on the message board. All other states are used to manage the status of preparing to publish or documenting that the post has been published.

States cannot be changed manually, they are changed by publishing and withdrawing from the bulletin board.


The bulletin board consists of a list of posts from which you can open a detail. The list contains the name of the object and a brief description of it. If it is appropriate to put other information on the bulletin board instead of a brief description, it is possible to write a different comment here. The comment is translated as needed (if it has a different language than the language of the bulletin board).

The title of the post and its content cannot be edited in any way here.