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Reminders and Messages

Reminders are quick messages typically linked with related object se that user have direct context of the reminder.

A reminder is always send to a single person, it is not possible (as is the case with emails) to send reminder to multiple persons – the purpose of messages is to replace emails and reduce multiple communication. Reminders are visible to all persons who have access to the master object so that they can see the communication but do not have to have it in the email. Thus, there is no reason to send CC – Carbon Copy to anybody.

How to send notifications

Notifications from an object

Almost all objects (e.g. tasks, requests, requirements) have an button in the upper right corner of the detail. Pressing it will give you a list of sent notifications and the option to send new ones.

Button has red mark, if some reminders are already linked with object.

Messages without an object

You also can send message that is linked to any object (e.g. a lunch invitation 😊). The New message button in the notification block on the workspace is used for this purpose. Also this message can be send only to a single person

Receiving reminders

Reminders are received and placed directly on your desktop in reminder list with the tag. Even if you have the list is hidden, the icon on the task bar shows you that you have unread reminder so you won’t miss the notification. If you have message forwarding enabled (on mobile, messages from the bar are supported by Chrome, for example), you'll see the notification among your other notifications.

With installed mobile application, reminders are also placed to the mobile notification panel (Currently only Android application is available).

An open message dialog has 2 tabs – the message itself and the second tab displaying information about the linked object. You can therefore see what is the principal subject of the reminder.
Note: If addresser have sent you a message linked with object that you have not right to see, system won’t show the object or shows only basic info about it. Reminder does not create right to access information.

How to delete reminder?

Reminders linked with object cannot be removed manually. They remain with the object as communication records. They are removed automatically one year after the object is no longer active. Therefore, you can easily use reminders to track who sent what to whom on an object.

Reminders sent directly from the dashboard and not linked with object could be deleted. They are not stored.

Sending a reminder to an email

If you don't read the reminder in the system by the next day, AyMINE will send it to your email so you don't miss it.

If you're writing to someone you know doesn't regularly read the messages in AyMINE, you can set the notification to be sent directly to the email.

Reminders sent to an email are still considered unread, but the system stores, when it was sent to the email.

New task from reminder

When you get a message that shall be solved as a task, you might directly create a new task from the reminder using the operation To task that's available in the reminder field on the main dashboard.

If tha reminder has been translated for you, the task is created from the translated message. The original text is not copiered in that case.

Notes about reminders

  • Notifications sent from an object are by default visible to everyone who has access to the object. If you want only the recipient to see it, they must mark it as private.
  • Have you received a message for an object and can't view it? (The tab for the object is empty?) This is not a system error, but a colleague sent you a message for an object you do not have permission to. Be sure to let your colleague know that you cannot respond adequately to his/her reminder!