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Information is used to store information or knowledge. Depending on its location, it is private or shared.


It is possible to store content directly in the information, add a URL, or attach files as needed. Information can be published on public bulletin boards on the Internet (if you have this feature enabled).

Function to link to information

History tracking

If you select to keep changes to the information (set within properties), a copy of the information content will be made each time it is saved. It is then possible to track the changes, or return to the previous information.

History tracking only applies to the content of the message, it does not include the Title, Annotation or Attachments.

Change tracking is not intended to track changes to images. For large images, the number of changes stored may be limited.

Notice Board Publications

If you have created a Notice board for publishing on the Internet (in the system settings), you can publish the information in accordance with the Noticeboard rules.


You can insert one attachment – the main document – directly in the information. However, you can attach any number of other documents to the information on the files tab.

Remember that a file embedded in an attachment does not appear on the tab between files. The file in the attachment can be opened directly from the information view in some views.


If the information has one key URL, you can paste it into the URL field. This address will be displayed next to the note not only in the detail, but directly in the information overview, so you can access the address quickly without having to open the detail information.

In addition to the url in the dedicated field, you can of course insert any number of links into the body of the information.

The url link in the information is not published on the public notice board. If you want to publish links, you need to insert them in the body of the information.


It is possible to attach files to the information (as well as to many other objects). Therefore, if you want to save a document in AyMINE (e.g. a quotation in MS Excel), create the quotation information and keep the document as an attachment.

Deleting information

In general, information can be removed by anyone who has the right to modify objects in the project or the area where the information is stored. However, there are a number of reasons why you may not be able to remove information:

  • Information can be removed if it does not have a unique identifier (tag). If it does, it is recorded within the series and cannot be removed.
  • Information cannot be removed if it is embedded in a configuration management package that has locked it.
  • If the information is locked by the author, the lock must first be broken; only then is removal allowed.
    The author, or more precisely the employee responsible for the information, has a button directly in the information preview to remove it. Others (if they have the right) can use the delete function in the menu

Did you know that

It is possible to create your own overview of important information?

You can put the information that is important to you in your pocket. Then you have all the important information together in one place.

Is it possible to publish information on the internet?

Information can be posted on a public notice board permanently or for a limited time. With the help of the information, it is easy to create public bulletin boards with any information you need.

To prevent misuse of the posting, special permissions are needed for this. And of course, the administrator must create the bulletin board and give you the right to publish on it.