Internet Call Gateway Settings

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Internet Call Gateway Settings

Gateway allows connection to telecom operator and direct phone and sms communication from the system

Configuration options

The system supports setting up a single company phone number used by multiple employees, as well as setting up individual numbers for individual employees. Both options can be combined – some employees call via a shared number and some have their own.

  • A personal phone number is essential if your customers are to be able to call specific employees directly.
  • The system currently supports only one voip gateway per company.

Settings for the company

Setting up for a business requires information to be provided by your VoIP service provider.

Individual staff settings

Settings for specific workers are made by the system administrator directly in the administration of individual users. The description of VoIP settings for a user is here.

Remember that the per-user settings will only work with proper company settings.

About the use of VoIP gateways

VoIP gateways allow both calling and sending SMS. The links describe the details.