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Human resources

The HR module is used not only to manage personnel data but also manage all processes related with persons in companies regardless if they are employees, co-workers or freelances.

The Human resource management

The module supports

  • Complete management of employee data for the needs of HR and wages
  • Contract management including concurrent employment
  • Linkage with job reports – monitoring of work activities
  • Control that in the case of concurrent employment (main employment + agreement) activities are not reported (and reimbursed) by multiple contracts
  • Employee workbench for employee access to data
  • Line manager overview for department work data management
  • Linkage with system setup and management of system accounts of workers

Training and qualifications

The module benefits from integration with the module of methodologies and tasks. Expands its possibilities of administration of information on education

  • Qualifications and competencies of workers – information related to team building so that people with the necessary qualifications are nominated to both project teams and tasks
  • Registration of training and necessary trainings
  • Evaluation of training from workers
  • Evaluation of qualification from managers

Recruitment and selection procedures

  • Management of vacant posts
  • Publication of posts
  • Management of candidates
  • Support of selection procedure – evaluation from internal and external evaluators of the candidate
  • Linkage with HR – possibility of candidate flipping into worker

Link to wages

  • Registration of data for wages
  • Possibility of generating data needed for wages
  • Registration of changes decisive for wages

Solution for staffing agencies

The system is designed to fully support the work of staffing agencies, both for the processes of worker search (head-hunting and area campaigns) and for agencies employing agency workers

Search for workers

  • Registration of employee demand for clients
  • Management of employee offers to individual clients for which it is relevant
  • Registration of employee evaluations from clients

Employment of agency workers

  • Job reports for clients
  • Registration of workers' contracts
  • Registration of who each worker is currently working for and until when

Support of hired workers

The module also supports workers hired and monitoring of their work

  • Registration of workers' contracts
  • Checking of job reports in relation to contracts and orders

See more – The HR module technical documentation

The HR technical documentation is here.