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Directories are used to store business and people contacts. Contacts are broken down into directories primarily to protect information. They allow you to control who has access to information and who does not. Access settings are used both to protect valuable business information and GDPR legislation.

You can create any number of directories on your system and control access rights to each one. For example, you can have a directory of business contacts visible only to the business department and another directory of work contacts created for a specific project.

Active Contact Management

A directory is a business area and besides contacts, tasks. This allows you to log the tasks that need to be done with contacts (e.g. repairing them, calling customers with a new offer, etc.) directly in the directory.

Directory on your mobile phone

You can also sync directories to your mobile phone or to another application, e.g. MS Outook, Thunderbird, emClient, etc., using the Sabre module. This allows you to use contacts immediately for emails or phone calls. At the same time, you can share them with those who need them.

Using address books and GDPR

Address books are designed to meet GDPR.

Example: For a project, you create a directory for everyone who is working on the project. The directory serves everyone for the duration of the project and makes it easy for them to make calls.

When someone stops working in the project, you remove their contact from the directory. At the same time, they stop synchronising to everyone else's device, so you download the contact from the company's records, as GDPR requires. However, you can keep the contact stored in another directory for a co-worker.

When the project ends, you cancel the directory. It stops synchronising to people's devices. This makes it easy to cancel all shared contacts.

Note: You need to have an active Sabre module in AyMINE for synchronisation.