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Quality criteria

Using quality criteria, you can determine and actively monitor whether everything in production or service is in order

Setting and managing quality criteria is a practical fulfillment of the requirements of ISO 9001 – part of metrology as well as other standards. Read more in the separate section on the meaning of QA criteria.

Entering criteria

You enter quality control criteria for products or assets. For products, you can enter them with the flag that they are copied to individual assets.

It makes sense to enter criteria where you will actually track them. They are an active control tool, not a documentation tool. If you want to document qualitative or other product properties, use product properties.

Schedule device inspections

You schedule a device inspection by specifying the task and the period when the inspection is to be performed.

The sample inspection task must be part of a methodology that relates to the area in which the product or product falls.

Example: You want to enter a requirement to inspect a production machine every 3 days. A production machine is an asset belonging to the production area, and the control procedure is part of the production methodology. Therefore:

  • The production methodology therefore relates to the production area (In the production setup area, specify which methodologies relate to it)
  • The sample inspection task relates to an asset (In the sample inspection task, specify that it relates to general assets)
  • You link the sample inspection task to a specific machine
  • In the quality criterion for the asset, you select which procedure the inspection is to be performed by).
  • You specify with the task how often the inspection is to be performed and who is responsible for it.

The system will automatically create the task and submit the task to a responsible employee for fulfilling the task.

You ask

How to store information that a specific device has been measured and meets the quality criteria.

If the check is outsourced or by an internal testing service, the information is supported by a measurement protocol – most often a file (PDF) that should be stored among the files of the facility (asset) it covers.

There is not necessarily a document – there may be an internal protocol and a record of the check. In particular, a methodological task is created for the asset, which contains a checklist of the checks carried out. The staff member in charge of the checks is given a task to confirm the checks carried out. The detail of the documentation of the check carried out is described by the methodological sample task (see ISO 9001, metrology area).