Connecting users to VOIP PBX

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Connecting users to VOIP PBX

System supports integration with VOIP PBX for calls and SMS


The system allows you to connect individual users with calls connected via VOIP PBX.

Availability of VOIP services

Full use of VOIP services requires the CRM module, which integrates them with contacts and other CRM services.

Settings for sending SMS from the system

The system supports sending SMS. SMS sent through the gateway do not originate from a specific phone number, so no user settings are needed to use them. Proper VOIP settings are required in the system administration.

Settings for calls from the system

The system allows each user to make calls from their own phone number. This can be:

  • Your own mobile number, or
  • The user's VOIP phone number.
  • A common company VOIP number.

Do not disclose your employees' phone numbers

When connected to a mobile number, the caller sees the company phone number (or employee VOIP number), even if the caller is calling from their own mobile number. You can set up the system so that the user sees either their VOIP numbers for individual employees or a single company number for all employees. This allows anyone to receive the call during a callback.

How to set up the user

The settings cannot be made (or changed) by the user themselves, it is under the control of the administrator.

In the user details there are items:

  • Phone number – Number used for internal communication and SMS verification.
  • VOIP number – The number assigned to the user within the VOIP PBX. If the number is blank, the user's calls will be forwarded through the company's common VOIP number (see system settings).
  • Route to Mobile – An option that allows you to specify where calls from AyMINE are connected – whether to a mobile, VOIP number, or company number.
  • VOIP password – Password for the user to access their own VOIP number. If they do not have their own number, the password is not used.

Calling directly without VOIP

For the record, it's worth noting that even without VOIP setup, it's easy to call any number from a mobile phone.