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The purpose of the discussion contributions (notes) is to record internal discussion – both managed and free.

The notes replace internal email communication, in comparison to which they bring advantages:

  • Notes are kept and will be used in the future, e.g. in case of problem solving
  • They can be read by workers who were not included in the original discussion, e.g. because they were not working at the company at the time
  • They remain available even if the recipients and senders have left the company.

How news articles work

News articles are always related to a specific object – a product, an asset, a request, a task, etc. So it is always obvious what they are related to. News articles can be created in the discussion about a given object. You can open the discussion in the detail of the object by clicking . The discussion stays on the system permanently, or until the object it concerns is deleted.

News messages can also be addressed to people from the company. You can indicate to whom they should be addressed and these users will get them on the desktop in the message and discussion tab.

New messages are always automatically notified to the people affected by the object in the case of some objects (e.g. in a discussion about a task, everyone from the task team is informed).

If you respond to a post, both the sender and the recipients of the original post are always informed. You do not have the right to exclude them from the recipients.

Methodological note

Discussion contributions should be used instead of emails or other off-record communication if the workflow requires a revision. By keeping the discussion linked with the discussed subject, it is possible to prove later that the revision and – of course – revise the reason of the decision or any other subject of the discusion.

You may need to know

Discussion with people outside your company

News messages can also be used to communicate with people outside your company. However, this feature is not available by default. If you have it active, you can also include people from the company directory among the recipients and the post will be sent to them by email. This allows you to keep email communication with, for example, a customer.

Discussion is not generally public

Discussion is linked with object and users that have access to the object, have also access to the discussion. But it cannot be accessed by anybody else. No one call share the access to the discussion beyond the access rights managed by system rights.

Even when discussion is linked with contribution published on the public dashboard, the discussion is locked and never published.

What makes a discussion different from a reminder

Discussions and reminders are both a form of message; however, there are a number of fundamental differences between them:

  • Reminders are not kept long-term; they are removed after a year. They are not intended to keep a long-term discussion.
  • You address reminder exclusively to a single person, whereas a discussion post may have multiple readers. Discussion cannot be private, but reminder could
  • Reminders cannot respond to each other; they are not intended to record and support a discussion.
  • Reminders pop up on the recipient mobile (if they use an app), whereas a new discussion post does not. Discussion is not used for notifications and users notice them when they are working, or when they want to.