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Store access to a website

The web service stores information that someone from an IP address has accessed a specific page of the system.

Input data:

  • IP address
  • Portal
  • Page (required)
  • Where the user accessed from (optional)

Data processing

The system tracks the country and the company to the IP address and stores the information along with the IP address and the exact time of access.

Use of data for web traffic analysis

The information allows you to track how many and which pages people are accessing and whether the search engines know about the page. It is also possible to track what other page within the monitored website they have accessed and after how long

If the user has switched to another portal page, it is possible to find out how much time they have spent on the page.

The analysis provides less detailed data, not an analysis using cookies. It has major advantages over these, however:

  • You do not bother visitors by asking for consent; it makes the website more accessible and faster for the user
  • Because consent is not required, you have information about all the accesses

When using this analysis, consider that most people use a mobile device to access the site and are connected via a mobile network (or home connection). Mobile and home devices receive random IP addresses and it is therefore not possible to detect that someone, for example, has visited your site repeatedly in the last few weeks.

The analysis of the website's transit can be used in most cases in the same way as with the use of cookies. Only for busy websites will there be more users accessing the same IP address of a mobile operator at the same time.

Identification of robots

The system distinguishes the access of search robots and common users. Passes from robots can thus be easily filtered in the analysis.

Compliance of the service with GDPR

The documentation of the accesses does not identify specific people, only organisations / companies if they have their own IP address. The analysis does not use cookies and you can use it easily on the website without annoying consents about tracking.