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Object locks

Object locks are used to protect against duplicate simultaneous object editing by two or more users. They are automatically closed or expires, if user do not edit. In practice, they do not need any administration.

Locks are stored long time and allow save modifications event when user has no access for a long time, but only in case that no one else access object for editing.

If user does not edit object continuously, lock expires in ten minutes and user can lose right to store its work. However, system recommends saving changes before the time limit expires.


As mentioned, administration should not be necessary. Nevertheless, administrator or developer can kill the lock manually.
__Kill lock means that someone loose right to store his/her work. Use the function only when you really know, why to do that.!

Protocol of all kills

All kills are stored in the list of kills. That list in used only for documentation purposes in case that someone reports wrong system behaviour.