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Drag & Drop between records

Drag & Drop is a very effective way to create relationships between different records.

The system supports linking objects using Drag & Drop in many places. A general description of how it works Drag & Drop is here – we recommend you look at it! Here is a summary of the support in the task module.


System User or project role

When you drag another user-worker onto a task, the system will prompt whether you are adding them to a team or adding them to the team solving the task. The project role behaves the same as the worker.

You have the same option when you drag a task onto a worker or role. The function is the same

Different task

Dragging a task onto another task allows the dragged task to be classified as a subtask

Requirement, problem, risk

Other objects, except for person and task, are inserted as objects that solve the task when dragged onto the task.

Area, Project or Methodology

An area, project, or methodology cannot be dragged onto any other object. However, it is possible to drag objects onto them.

Any object that you drag onto a business area, project, or methodology is inserted into those areas. Other objects from other modules that use the area assignment will behave similarly – for example, contacts (dragging them to a directory will move which directory the contact belongs to) or assets.


Obligation can be dragged to sample task – workflow, directive/policy or any other object. The duty will be added to the duties that are addressed by the workflow or policy.