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User Modules

Task, project & quality management
Contacts and directories module (CRM)
Web management and automation
Human resources
Products, assets and sales

Technical Modules

Sabre plugin module
Enterprise Architect connector

System Modules

The AyMINE Framework Module
System Management

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My areas

Business areas creates primary structure how are business objects in the application organised and structured. They not only enable information, task and all other objects organisation, but also to manager access rights.

What are my areas

My areas are those areas where you are set as an active actor of the area. You should be set by the area manager to have it here and have full access to the content.
If you have rights for that, you can also create your own areas.


You have directly from the list available most common operations

Add new task Add task without necessity to open the area.

Add information As well as task, new information could be added directly from here

Open dashboard Dashboard allow access to all area elements. Open dashboard is default operation and you can open by double click on the area

Warning: New window should be allowed by browser. When you click on the button first time, browser might ask for permission to show the pop-up windows from AyMINE. Allow that forever and you can your full power of the multi-view system.

Good to know

How to save areas or projects you don't work with

In the list of your own projects and areas, the ones you mark as not important do not appear. If you are assigned many areas (e.g. as an auditor), you can mark which ones you don't want to show on the main table by:

  • Open the custom markers for the object – double click on the star icon
  • Select the Important option.

How to access hidden areas and projects

Hiding is only effective on the main workbench. When you view the list, you can see all your areas or projects – even those hidden on the desktop. So it's easy to get back to them, just don't forget they exist.

Hiding only applies to areas

The ability to hide unimportant areas and projects is not a universal feature of objects. For other objects, being marked as unimportant is not hidden, but visually marked (smaller font or different color depending on visual style).

Hiding does not apply to sub-areas within an area either. Even on the workspace of e.g. a project it is not possible to hide subprojects/phases.