Additional functions with files

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Additional functions with files

The following functions are only available as additional functionality of the system. You may not have them available, or they may only be available to you temporarily as part of a promotional event (demonstration of functionality).

Fulltext search

Fulltext search allows you to search all saved files and find them using content. Text is searched for in commonly used documents (PDF, MS Office, Libre Office, Markdown, Text files, Freeplane, etc.). No graphic files or binary encoded files are searched.

The function searches for files when you enter a search, but only returns the files to the user that they are allowed to see. It does not violate access rights and verifies for each object whether the user has the right to see the files next to the object

Internet Publication

The functionality described above allows you to publish information and files directly on the Internet. This functionality is only allowed within a package, where the organization takes responsibility for the published content.

Automatic Document Translations

The system can have your documents automatically translated (only applies to certain types). Within the object, we can have language mutations created for the selected documents. The functionality is only available on order.