User Modules

Task, project & quality management
Contacts and directories module (CRM)
Web management and automation
Human resources
Asset management module

Technical Modules

Sabre plugin module
Enterprise Architect connector

System Modules

The AyMINE framework module
System services

Client settings

Settings for sys – System management module

Module setting allows the following options

Index files

Option sets the use of Elastic search for the module.

Option is an additional service of the system.

Do not turn on option if Elastic search is not installed on the server. The system would generate many errors.

Use relations between objects

Option turns on/off the using the explicitly managed relations (using a system relation between objects). Turning off option limits the operation of a number of services, but simplifies the use of the system. Bindings continue to be used internally on the system, but users are not shown the bindings tab between objects.

Do not turn off option if analytical documentation is managed by the system. For other functionalities, option is probably not necessary (documentation of modules can change this information!)

Turning off option simplifies the control of the system at the cost of limiting functionality.

Store files linked with objects

If option is turned off, objects do not have a bookmark for adding files. With the option disabled, it is only possible to use saved files where files are inserted into named object arrays, but it is not possible to insert them freely.

Disabling the option simplifies the control of the system at the cost of functionality limitation. The right to save files (DMS) can be an additional service to the system.

Use profile photos

The option allows users to upload their own photo to their profile. If the photo is enabled, it is used to display photos in some views.

Note that enabling the saving of photos requires users to generally agree to display them to colleagues (GDPR). The client should be instructed that this information should be included in their own consent to the processing of personal data. Sharing a photo with other users in general can also be classified under the legitimate interest of the company (identification of people in the workplace).

Simplified mode

The simplified mode allows individual modules to hide some functionalities and allow for easier control and limited functionality. It can also be used to limit the functionality of modules, e.g. after the free period ends without the risk of data limitation.

The influence of the settings on the system behaviour is directed by the modules that the settings use; the functionality of the system module is not affected.

Caution: Turning on (not off!) options simplifies the system control at the cost of functionality limitation.