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Project Goal

Goal allows to include the definition of the project objective in the project analysis, in particular to link requirements to objectives.

Objectives are part of the project documentation. Describing them as a separate element in the analysis gives the possibility to define for each requirement which project objective is fulfilled by it.

The logic of the goal in the documentation corresponds to its concept in the motivation layer ArchiMate.

Common goal for multiple projects

Project and program goals

A goal is always included in some part of the analytical model. The motivation model should be part of the project documentation, so the objective will logically belong to the project. However, the same goal can be followed by multiple projects and can refer to a common goal.

If you are implementing projects pursuing common goals, it is advisable to define the program under which the goals are pursued and the projects are coordinated. The programme defines programme objectives, which can then be subdivided into sub-objectives that are met by individual projects.

Projects may pursue their own objectives, derived programme objectives or a direct programme objective. The structure of the objectives should be adapted to how complex the programme is.

How the programme and its objectives are defined

The programme is registered in the system as a "global" project and the individual projects are its sub-projects. Thus, the projects will take their target from the programme to which they belong.

It is advisable to keep the programme objectives and sub-objectives within one analytical model, i.e. the programme. The objectives can then be better managed and reviewed to ensure that they still relate to each other correctly.

If you want to model the incentive level in detail and create an incentive scheme, it is possible to use connector to Enterprise Architect and manage the model there.

The business goal in the analytical model

Goal is a part of the project's analytical modal, it is not a part of the enterprise architecture. Enterprise architecture model describes As-Is state , whilds the goal descrigbes direction to the To-Be state.