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User administration

User administration includes the steps:

  • Creating a user account
  • Setting permissions
  • Changing the password if necessary

Creating a user account

You create an account by creating a user. You must enter the user's email and phone number.

The user will receive a registration email asking them to log in and fill in their email. The registration email is only valid for 2 days, so don't send users emails if you don't know when they will register.

Automatic registration

The system also allows automatic registration, where you can provide users with a registration code with which they can create an account themselves. The registration code can be assigned by the system administrator and is valid for a specific company.

Setting permissions and access rights

You need to assign permissions to the user. It should be assigned to a specific role. Permissions are given to the user based on the groups they are assigned to.

Changing the password if necessary

If the user forgets the password, the administrators can send an email to the user upon request to reset the password themselves. For security reasons, the user cannot generate this email himself (this prevents access to the system if someone misuses the user's email).

Administrators can set the password for the user directly. The user can use it without the registration email. When the password is changed, the user is notified by email that his password has been changed by the administrators; however, the new password itself is not emailed.