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Product Supplier

The purpose of records is to keep information about the suppliers of individual products. Specifically

  • Which supplier delivers what and under what conditions (price, deadlines, etc.)
  • What is the experience with its deliveries

The records are kept separately for each specific product and supplier. If the conditions apply to the whole product group, it is possible to include them in the parent product. It is thus possible to manage one rating for a product group. For specific products, the supplier rating for the given product is displayed as well as the rating for all superior products. It is therefore not necessary to look for the rating anywhere.

How to get to the supplier rating

You can also see the supplier rating for all products in the supplier detail tab. However, it is necessary to check the supplier flag, otherwise the tab will not be displayed.

How to record qualification criteria

For general evaluation of supplier qualification e.g. with regard to compliance with ISO 26262 standards etc. for deliveries of the required quality, we recommend using the rating at the highest level of the given type of products. For example, for car parts, we recommend:

  • Create general product Automotive Parts
  • Add supplier rating to general product
  • Use user rating flag, create ISO26262-A type for evaluation of suppliers qualified to deliver products in ISO 26262 for ASIL A level
  • For suppliers who meet the required qualification, create rating record for general product
  • Add product pricing to individual products.