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Objects affected by the problem

Problems are always about something. They can be projects, products, supplies, premises, or even employees or customers. It is important to be clear exactly where the problem needs to be fixed. Therefore, the objects involved are attached to the problem.

You attach an object to the problem, and that way it is known in the future that the problem was addressed and solved with that object – e.g. a product. This is often very important information, not only in the overview of solved problems, but especially directly at the object you have attached to the problem.

The problem may involve multiple objects, e.g. multiple products that need to be modified. You can therefore attach the same problem to all objects and have a perfect overview of all of them. In addition, you can add a note to each of them to indicate how the problem specifically affects them and that it has been resolved.

Where is the information about problems at the object?

For each object, give an overview of the problems solved in the activity overview along with other activities related to the object (e.g. meetings).

What is the purpose of attaching instructions?

Do you ever solve problems repeatedly? I'm sure there are some. Then it's a good idea to create a manual for your company so that next time you or someone else won't have to figure out how to solve the problem again. At the same time, it's also a good idea to find instructions for problems that have already been solved, while knowing which instructions are useful and which are not.

If you have used a tutorial or even created one based on a solution to a problem, attach it to the problem. It will be easier to know where it was used and easier to find next time.