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Synchronizing staff and system users

The system supports full synchronization between HR staff and system users. This allows information access management to be automatically updated based on job placement.

You can link a worker record to a system account. A HR staff member can directly create an account for a new employee. Based on set permissions and department-specific access, staff access is automatically managed based on their organizational placement.

Connect a worker to a system account

A worker has the option to link a worker record to an existing account from AyMINE. Only by linking will the user be able to access their worker record.

The link requires a free account to be selected. You can only select a user account with the same last name.

Create an account for a worker

With the HR command, a new system account is created for a new employee.

Based on the system settings of the module, the user will be sent an invitation to log in with their own password, or the account will be created as blocked and wait for release by the user administrator.

Caution: The system account can be disconnected from the employee. However, with some exceptions, we do not recommend doing this. After disconnecting, the system administrator must fully manage the user's system account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I want to link an employee's record to an account, only a few user accounts are offered, and the right one is not among them

The system tries to minimize the risk of linking the folder to the wrong account. Therefore, it requires that the user account in AyMINE and the employee's surname in the HR record have the same surname. If you have a different surname or, for example, a typo, it is not possible to link the folder to the account.

Does the employee have to be a system user?

The employee does not have to have an account and does not have to be a system user. Of course, it will not be possible to use communication and documentation tools, e.g. familiarization with mandatory documentation, evaluation of training, etc.

If the employee is a user at the same time, the system allows full support for functions that simplify administration and give employees useful overviews.

Is it possible to change the relationship between the folder and the employee?

It is possible to create and cancel the relationship between the employee's folder and the user account. It is possible, for example, if the employee worked for the company, then terminated his relations and his user account in AyMINE was cancelled. However, his personal folder remained closed and was reopened after his re-employment. It is then possible to connect the folder to another account.

Care should be taken not to link the discarded and re-renewed folder to another employee's account. As the personal folder contains personal data, this would undermine the protection of such data. NEVER do not use the discarded folder for another employee; there are always records of processing related to a specific person stored with the folder.

Automatic administration and manual startup option

System rights are automatically set for the employee when the job title is changed – that is, after the employee's contract or status is changed (e.g. after the employee's last employment contract is cancelled).

The feature is also available for manual startup – in the employee's detail, the Update Rights function checks and sets all rights according to the current status of the contracts.

If the employee has a problem accessing the functions and data:

  • Check that his job title is correct (he must have the correct job positions assigned)
  • Check that there is active synchronization permissions for the department – there is a tag in the department list and in the department detail that it has an assigned system role – the link is set by the system administrator
  • Start Role Update
  • If the status is not fixed, ask for a system administrator check

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